Who am I?

Hello beautiful, I'm Raylene Harvey. This blog is my online space to share my creative journey and to inspire you to follow yours!

About me

"All the experiences and events in life, whether good or bad, are like pieces of a great puzzle that one day fall into place to reveal the big picture."

Raylene Harvey

In my generation growing up, I didn’t have any older siblings to look up to for guidance or inspiration as to where my life would lead. I’m the eldest grandchild on my dad’s side of the family, and the eldest female grandchild on my mom’s side of the family, so I kinda had to be the trailblazer for everyone that was younger than me. I always felt like I was... different - I realized this at a very young age, and because of this, I grew up to be an independent soul, a creative at heart, introvert by nature and inspirer of note, and this led me to becoming the multi-passionate individual I am today. I have always been an instigator - whenever I have an idea and I feel that immediate spark of inspiration, I’d immediately pursue it and delve head first into it, doing everything in my power to get it to a place where I can finally say “I’ve done that and I’ve succeeded!”. Check out my “random nuggets” section below to find out more about this side of me and some of the things I’ve experienced in my life so far.

Raylene Harvey

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So, why this blog? First, a li’l history...

I started blogging in secret - in 2003 to be exact - long before blogging became popular. It was only until a few years ago when I decided to go “public” and all the blogs and sites I’ve aired online since then (raylenesongbird.com, raylene.co.za, hapicup.com, scarletaura.com, dailyinspo.net, zalookbook.co.za, journeytominimalism.com to name a few) have been life-changing, not only for me, but also for those who have been following my online journey and been inspired by the content I have created.

I believe we’re never too old to reinvent ourselves, and each installment of my online presence has been about me exploring my interests and multi-passions, and kinda just going with flow of life and seeing where it leads, and it’s been very rewarding so far.

I have created RayleneHarvey.com to be an online space where I can document my creative journey, and to serve as a sort of diary I can look back on with pride when I am older and reflecting on life, all while inspiring those who are reading it. When I talk about my “creative journey” I’m referring to pretty much everything related to creating the lifestyle I want and doing what brings me joy. Initially my journey was about “finding” myself, but now my journey is all about “creating” and doing everything I have always wanted in my life, to always learn and grow, to be a student of life, and most of all, live life intentionally and with purpose.

Raylene Harvey

I blog because it’s my way of putting myself out there and I want to inspire others to know that it’s perfectly fine to do so too! We have one life to live, why not explore and just do all the things we wanna do. What do we have to lose?

On my blog you will find everything from fashion and personal style to DIY to all things lifestyle-related all in the name of inspiring a more creative, beautiful and fulfilling life.

My Family

I'm married to my best friend and partner for life, Ricardo Harvey, and we have a furry child, a miniature schnauzer named Sherlock.

Random Nuggets

# I'm a creative weirdo
# When I set my mind to do something, I take immediate action and go all in.
# I can watch my favourite shows on repeat as if I haven't seen it before (Gilmore Girls, Friends, IT Crowd... to name a few)
# A Web Developer/ UI Engineer by day
# A metal-head and obsessed with symphonic rock music
# I am INFJ - the world's rarest personality type
# An introvert by nature
# A minimalist 
# I'm an Analytical and Creative thinker - I love doing things that require both i.e. sewing, playing piano, drawing, coding, you name it!
# 35 years old
# Scorpio
# Married to my best friend and love of my life, Ricardo Harvey
# Born & bred in Cape Town
# A sucker for inspirational/motivational videos, talks and quotes.
# Bunjy jumped from the highest commercial bridge in the world in Tsitsikamma
# Ziplined in the Elgin Valley mountains
# Love drawing, art, writing
# One of the poems I wrote in my teens was published in a US poetry book
# I've written all the songs on my debut album, 'Let Me Breathe'
# Performed on many a stage and at festivals 
# I was in 4 bands - including a rock band, a metal band, a jazz band and a trance/electronic music band 
# I meditate daily
# Been featured in the media - newspapers, magazines, tv and online
# Some magazines I was in include Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Stage Magazine, Kuier and Good Housekeeping
# I once won over R50,000 worth of designer clothes
# I ran a community blog called Hapicup.com
# Did theatre arts and was the lead role in the year end plays
# Been to India on my own 'Eat Pray Love' journey
# Did the Lifeline counselling course
# Did pole fitness, not pole dancing, pole fitness
# I have a Youtube channel
# One of my favourite things to do is creating a website from scratch
# I had my own web design business at a young age
# I made doll clothes when I was little
# I bought my first sewing machine with my birthday money at age 12
# I'm a self-taught sewist
# Cosplayed once and won a prize for it
# Currently learning how to play piano by ear
# Been interviewed on radio
# Interviewed top local fashion designers in my Fashion Q&A series on the Scarlet Aura blog
# Worked with big brands including Samsung, Simba, Hang Ten, MWEB, Sanlam, Cell C, Plascon, RCS doing modelling work - still, animation and video work
# Part of teams that won many awards - including Loeries and Bookmarks
# A brand ambassador for a local designer clothing label
# Used to be a vegetarian for years
# I wear a hearing aid due to genetic hearing loss
# Have an undercut
# Have a huge tattoo on my left forearm featuring a Japanese anime style girl holding a skull with sakura/cherry blossom details
# I love learning and have an obsession for online courses!

Writing these random nuggets down made me realize I've actually experienced quite a bit in my life so far and I should be proud of myself! I'm grateful for all these opportunities and to the Universe, I say...
"Thank you, more please!"

Check out my Youtube video where I do the TMI tag and answer 50 random questions to get to know me better...


Have a burning question to ask me? I've compiled a list of all the frequently asked questions I receive.
  • Do you sell the clothes you make?
    Not at this point in time, unfortunately, but that's what my DIY videos are for... to inspire you to create them yourself!
  • Do you make clothes on request?
    No, due to time constraints, I'm unable to do this. If that changes, I'll be sure to update the answer to this question.
  • I'd like to pick your brain about an idea I have and would like your guidance/advice. Could we meet up for coffee?
    This is not always possible, because my schedule is already pretty tight, but do feel free to send me an email with your overall proposal and I'll see what I can do.
  • I have a specific sewing question/problem, can you please help me with it?
    I'd recommend spending some time googling your question, you'll be amazed at all the answers you can find on the internet. I'm a self-taught sewist and DIYer... if I can do it, so can you.
  • How can I show you the things I've made following your DIY videos on Youtube?
    You can email, DM, or tag me in your photos. I always love receiving these and it gives me motivation to post more DIY videos.
  • May I interview/feature you on my blog/website/magazine?
    Send me an email request and I'll be happy to get back to you then.
  • I want to learn how to sew! Could you recommend sewing classes?
    Google is your friend. So is Youtube! There are so many free tutorials online, that it's impossible for me to even list them here. Search for sewing and DIY websites, check your local sewing hobby and fabric stores for flyers where people offering sewing classes may have dropped business cards. You can also visit websites like Skillshare, MasterClass, Udemy and University of Fashion. Good luck!
  • What do you do for a living?
    I’m a UI engineer (in other words, a glorified web developer) at a software and app development company. I code all day and I absolutely love what I do!

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