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Boyfriend | Raylene Harvey


The title of this post has a triple meaning. One, I’m wearing boyfriend jeans. Two, I’m wearing a boyfriend blazer. Three, because four years ago my husband asked me to be his girlfriend!

If you haven’t already heard – it was my birthday yesterday. I turned 23, I mean 32. I am officially off the calendar and I feel strangely liberated! It is truly a new beginning for me. My three week holiday is drawing to a close, and I start my new job next week. The dress code at my new work is extremely casual. I’m talking flipflops and shorts, but I decided I am going to uphold the Scarlet Aura standard of always dressing my best, but perhaps introduce a few more casual pieces into the mix… like boyfriend jeans.

Boyfriend | Raylene Harvey

Navy Boyfriend Blazer – Cotton On // Boyfriend Jeans, White T-shirt and Gold Pendant – MRP // Nude Pumps – Queue // Clutch – 4Flavour (YDE) // Gold Studs – Lovisa

“My hubby is always so thoughtful with his gifts and needless to say, these made me feel so much younger than I am according to my birth certificate.”

Yes, people, I am actually wearing pants in this look post! You’re always seeing me in skirts and dresses but this time I’m giving you casual Raylene. I wore this ensemble to dinner with my hubby. We went to Hussar Grill and it also happened to be their birthday! They gave me a bottle of their award-winning wine as a birthday gift. I’m seriously gonna have to start drinking wine more often. I had an ah-mazing birthday! My hubby woke me up with breakfast in bed and presented me with a box of prezzies – inside was a picture frame reminder of my new car that is my actual birthday gift (I got my dream car – an Opel Tigra – I’ve always wanted to feel the wind in my hair on an open road), I got The Sims (I’ve been on my hubby’s case with this game, and I finally got it), and my first Barbie doll! I have never had a Barbie before (I had a Petra) and I plan to create mini versions of my designs for her. My hubby is always so thoughtful with his gifts and needless to say, these made me feel so much younger than I am according to my birth certificate. Hubby headed off to work, and I decided at the last minute to go to The Westin Grand Hotel’s Arabella Spa for a spa day! I had a full back massage (I forgot how much these HURT, but it was amazing), I chilled in the hot water bed for a bit and lounged by the pool until lunchtime – where I had an amazing two-course meal at the Westin Executive Club restaurant. There were so many suits around me that really made me wanna be a rich and powerful not-biatch type person, haha! I received so many messages and phone calls and I feel truly blessed and loved. Thank you so much to each and every one of you who took the time to wish me, I love you long time!

Boyfriend | Raylene Harvey
Boyfriend | Raylene Harvey

Photo Credit: Ricardo Harvey

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