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Burgandy Babe | Raylene Harvey

Burgandy Babe

I have a personal mantra… “Fake it till you make it!” and that’s exactly what I need to remind myself of whenever I do these look posts – especially when it’s in a public place. One of the main reasons I started this style blog is to force myself out of my comfort zone and to explore my creative side… to put myself out there in order to grow as a person and to become EMPOWERED.

Would you believe me if I told you that I’m actually quite introverted and a little bit awkward? Yet I always find myself drawn towards doing things that are deemed to be scary. This would explain my theatre acting and singing career in the not too distant past. Being on stage makes me feel alive. It’s like nothing else matters – just me, my mic and my band.

Burgandy Babe | Raylene Harvey

Burgandy Jumper & Black Faux Leather Mini – Honeychild // Metallic Grey Booties & Studded Sling Bag – Woolworths // Black Stockings – Mr Price // Black Beanie- Jay Jays // Shades – Birlin // Statement Neckpiece – Lovisa

“It’s a weird thing really… I don’t like the attention, but I love the exhilarating feeling I get from putting myself into a situation that is typically quite daunting for most – all in the pursuit of amplifying my creative side and becoming an empowered individual. This doesn’t mean I’m insecure, not at all, I like to think of myself as having a quiet confidence, with a touch of innocent obliviousness.”

I wore this simple yet edgy ensemble to the Blog Bootcamp event at The Office, and then popped in at the new Cotton On store at the V&A Waterfront. It’s super cold in Cape Town and it’s so hard to be stylish when all you wanna do is rock a comfy fleece onesie with uggs.

Burgandy Babe | Raylene Harvey
Burgandy Babe | Raylene Harvey
Burgandy Babe | Raylene Harvey
Burgandy Babe | Raylene Harvey

Photo Credit: Michele Isaacs

Winter makes me feel so morbid and gloomy and the only way to perk up my mood is to put some effort into what I wear. It may seem superficial, but I believe that if you know you look good, you will feel good. That’s why it’s important to always try and dress your best.

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