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Military Chic | Raylene Harvey

Wow, you guys! We’re almost in the middle of June and with the early morning and evening winter cold biting us in the behind, the weather is still a little confusing in Cape Town with some balmy and warm days here and there. It’s so hard to decide what to wear, but with a transitional piece like this to-die-for khaki blouse from LABEL Collections, getting ready is a breeze!

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Kendo | Raylene Harvey


I got so excited when I first saw this shirt at LABEL Collections. It is reminiscent of a kendo uniform, and we all know how much I love all things Japanese. It makes me feel like I wanna do a sword fighting routine, even though this is, in fact, a maternity shirt – perfect for food babies, haha!

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Autumn | Raylene Harvey


We’re well into my favourite season of all time… Autumn. Everything is perfect in Autumn – the weather and the pretty scenery with rusty, golden leaves. I absolutely love it.

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