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Happy Monday, ya’ll! Today I bring you my latest creation – this emerald green dress. For some reason it looks bluish in the photos, but it’s green, trust me. I made this beauty in a couple of hours one night.

I have beaten my record! I simply cannot wait to get to the point where making my own clothing is a breeze so that I can start getting on to the more complex stuff – like making a shirt – which is, by the way, on my radar. I have even bought the interfacing and fabric already. Oh sh*t I need buttons!

Chic | Raylene Harvey

Emerald Dress – Made By Me // Peak Coat – Mix Clothing (Old) // Nude Pumps – Queue Shoes // Sunglasses – Glamour // Gold Pendant and Bangles – MRP

“I really want to honour my 2015 commitment of raising my standards in every aspect of my life, and one way to do this is to create more so that I can get better at it. I want to get to a point where I am satisfied – if that is even possible for us humans, because, as you know, even when we get what we want we still want more!”

I recently discovered that I am cool-toned after getting a colour analysis done by the beautiful Jill Hector – I will share my experience in a separate post. It’s really great to know for sure what colours complement my skin tone and I feel amazing in this emerald green colour! I have always been drawn to it, but never found the courage to rock it. This fashion and style business is all about risk-taking and this year I plan to experiment to my heart’s content. I styled this dress with my camel peak coat, nude pumps and gold accessories. Although gold is a warm colour, it still suits my skin tone. I am mostly cool-toned but able to wear warm tones – which I am absolutely delighted about! I’m so glad I had a colour analysis done, because it really makes a world of difference when shopping for new clothes!

Chic | Raylene Harvey
Chic | Raylene Harvey
Chic | Raylene Harvey
Chic | Raylene Harvey

Photo Credit: Ricardo Harvey

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