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Corset | Raylene Harvey


Today I treated myself to a red cappuccino and a croissant at a cute little bistro in High Street.

I’m still on leave and figured since I was in the area that I’d take some time out to chill and really just enjoy my free time and to kinda just reflect on life as I sip on my tea. But so we’re clear, the photos in this post have nothing to do with High Street or my solo date. I just wanted to share that with you!

Corset | Raylene Harvey

Shirt – Daily Friday // Corset Belt – Brett Robson // Denims – ZARA // Boots – Luella

“I used to go on these solo ‘coffee dates’ a lot. I don’t know why I stopped… it’s nice.”

This look was part of my blog photoshoot with Marc Williams Photography. We drove out to Franschoek for some location scouting and found this cute little spot just off the main road. I’m rocking my favourite white shirt with the long cuffs (I die) with my new corset belt from Brett Robson. When I saw the belt I knew I just had to get my paws on them. I wore simple denims with my uber sexy knee high boots. When I walked around the town with these, I got some weird stares! Ah well.

Corset | Raylene Harvey
Corset | Raylene Harvey

Photo Credit: Marc Williams Photography

Do you take yourself out on these solo dates? If so, what do you do? Let me know…

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