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DIY denim off-the-shoulder ruffle top | Raylene Harvey

DIY denim off-the-shoulder ruffle top

In this DIY I show you how to make a super easy light-weight denim off-the-shoulder crop top.

This style of top is so on trend right now as it features romanticism, off-the-shoulder, maybe even a little Victorian, and the denim gives it a seventies vibe. It’s the perfect item to take with you when travelling because it can be worn in several different ways – five of which I demonstrate in the video!

DIY denim off-the-shoulder ruffle top | Raylene Harvey

Denim Ruffle Top – Made By Me // Choker – Made By Me // Pants – Exact // Booties – Cotton On // Fedora – The Lot

What I love most about DIY is that you get to customize your creation however you like. You can play around with different lengths, fabrics and colours. I’m keen to make the cropped part a little longer so that it can be worn as a dress! The possibilities are truly endless.

If you’d like me to post more DIY tutorials, do hit the like button on the video and subscribe to my Youtube Channel for more if you haven’t already. It gives me motivation to post more DIYs, so I do appreciate your feedback. Scroll further to enjoy the photos and then watch my video below where I show you how to make your very own denim off-the-shoulder ruffle crop top!

DIY denim off-the-shoulder ruffle top | Raylene Harvey
DIY denim off-the-shoulder ruffle top | Raylene Harvey

Photo Credit: Ricardo Harvey



  • Basic Sewing Skills
  • Light-weight denim fabric
  • Elastic
  • Co-ordinating thread
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Seam Gauge
  • Measuring tape
  • Ruler
  • Pins
  • Sewing Machine
  • Overlocker (optional)


Scarlet Aura | Denim

Right-click the above diagram and click Save image as… to download the bigger version. Please note that the diagrams are not to scale and should be used as a reference only. Do also note that the seam and hem allowances have already been included. I’m a size Medium, but this top is pretty loose fitting so you could easily add or subtract inches to fit your own measurements accordingly.

I’m a self-taught sewist and DIYer, so the techniques I show you in my video are things that work for me at the time the video has been recorded. It may not necessarily be the “industry” way, but it’s certainly an easy way, and I’m happy to share my learnings with you as I embark on this creative journey!

Comments (4)

  • Hi, I love your work, nice job but you forgot to mention where yo measure to get this measurements. Please do reply, Thank you

    • Hi Vivienne, the only measurement you need to take on your body is your shoulder circumference – I demonstrate this in the video. The pattern measurements in the diagram above are merely a reference guide to indicate the proportions for the pieces you need to cut out. Hope this helps!

  • Hello Raylene, if you don’t mind could you please share your measurements? I’m not the same body size and would like to customize the top to my size. TIA

    • Hi Dee,

      Fortunately, because the top is so loose fitting, you can be very generous with the inches on the width and even the height (it’s up to you), the elastic around your shoulders will be the only thing that really needs to fit you snugly.

      This is how I came up with my measurements (hopefully it will give you an idea of how to do it according to your measurements):

      I took my shoulder circumference measurement, divided it by 2 for the front piece and added about 8″ on either side for some lee way. Feel free to extend this to your preference and include seam allowances. The wider you make it, the fuller the ruffles will be, so it’s really up to you. The height I chose for the ruffle is about 8″ – feel free to adjust this to any height you prefer. Remember it has to include seam/hem allowances.

      Then, for the bodice pieces took my bust circumference measurement, divided it by 2 for the one bodice piece and added about 3″ on either side for some ease. Do feel free to extend this to your preference and include seam allowances. To figure out the bottom of the bodice measurement as it extends slightly outwards, I took my waist circumference measurement and simply doubled it, and then I divided it by 2 to determine the width of the piece, then I connected my final bust width measurement including the 3″ (my preferred width extension) on either side down toward it. To calculate the height of my bodice piece, I measured from where my elastic is eventually going to sit around my shoulders down to my waist, and added about 2″ for some allowance.

      You can make this top as long as you want! To calculate the space required for my armholes, I simply traced the armhole of a top I own. Not the whole armhole, of course, because the top portion isn’t required since it’s an off-the-shoulder top.

      If you’re unsure, always make a sample in some scrap fabric or a muslin and make adjustments to the measurements before using your final pretty fabric.

      I really hope this helps! Good luck with your project, and do let me know how it turned out – I’d love to see your creation!

      Yours truly,
      Raylene xx

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