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DIY fitted and cropped tank | Raylene Harvey

DIY fitted and cropped tank

This post is more than just a look post! It’s also a DIY tutorial.

In this DIY I show you how to make this super easy, fitted and cropped tank top with a high neckline. This piece can be styled in a variety of ways and can be taken from daytime casual to evening chic! I went for evening chic, because I wore this ensemble to my bestie’s wedding.

DIY fitted and cropped tank | Raylene Harvey

White Crop Top – Made By Me // Tulle Skirt – Infin8ti @ YDE // Booties – YDE

This pattern is so versatile! You can literally transform this basic pattern to create different garments – some ideas include adding a turtle neck, sleeves, cutout detail, lace trim, a racer back, maybe even a collar! The possibilities are truly endless.

I’ve used a lovely white stretch scuba knit, which is perfect because there was no need to add lining. As long as you pick a fabric with good stretch and you use the correct measurements as explained in the video, then the fit of your top should be as spot on as mine turned out to be. I’m pretty happy with the end result – it fits like a glove and it looks like it was made for me! This was also the first time I created a pattern without draping it on my figure form or using an existing garment as a reference for size guidelines. I used my own measurements, and in doing so, I managed to come up with a creation that fits me to the tee. This excites me, because even though the pattern is pretty basic, it really got my creative juices flowing! I cannot wait to experiment more and do more DIY tutorials so I can share my learnings with you. Scroll further to enjoy my photos and then watch my video below where I show you how to make your very own fitted crop top.

DIY fitted and cropped tank | Raylene Harvey
DIY fitted and cropped tank | Raylene Harvey
DIY fitted and cropped tank | Raylene Harvey

Photo Credit: Ricardo Harvey


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I’m a self-taught sewist and DIYer, so the techniques I show you in my video are things that work for me at the time the video has been recorded. It may not necessarily be the “industry” way, but it’s certainly an easy way, and I’m happy to share my learnings with you as I embark on this creative journey!

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