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Gatsby | Raylene Harvey


It’s been a while since I posted one of my creations. Thing is, I’ve been making a whole bunch, but they’re all unfinished because I’ve been naughty, well, busy.

I need to take the time to get back to all my projects – I’ve been tackling some insanely challenging ones that I feel need to be perfected before they make a public debut!

Gatsby | Raylene Harvey

Flapper Girl Dress – Made By Me // Headpiece – Madame Zingara // Cutout Heels – Woolworths // Feather Earrings – YDE // Cigarette Thingy – Made By Me

“Whenever I greeted anyone, I would first do a li’l shaky shaky dance to show off my dress, haha!”

I attended our staff year-end function last night with The Great Gatsby theme – everything was pretty spot on, the beautiful champagne display at the entrance, the amazing canapés and cheese platters, the décor, the pearls, the diamonds, the fire dancers, the photo booth area complete with fun props, down to the rolls of fake money (with our CEO’s face printed on them!) – we used the fake money to buy drinks and cocktails. It was all-round a spectacular affair, and I had an epic time dancing my feet off, and flapping the fringe on my dress was so satisfying! Whenever I greeted anyone, I would first do a li’l shaky shaky dance to show off my dress, haha! Anyhoo, this dress looks so simple, but it ain’t easy working with rows upon rows of fringe like this! First of all, it’s not stretchy so I had to be clever about the placement in order for the dress to be pulled over my head. I had no intention of installing an invisible zipper – mostly because I only had two short nights to finish this garment. Nonetheless, I finished it in time and I’m pretty chuffed with how it turned out! I will definitely be able to wear it again. You can’t go wrong with a little black dress with an edge… the edge being the fringe detail. Oh, and another thing, I cut my arm holes a li’l too low so I ended up not being able to wear a bra, but that’s okay… I don’t have that much boob anyway! The cigarette thingy… ah what a story. I stole one of our pretty chopsticks (hubby is gonna be so mad if he finds out) and painted it black. Originally I had the tip white, but all I kept thinking was… ABRACADABRA! So I just painted some black over it and I think it turned out pretty awesome. I wanted to make some long gloves but again – I ran out of time.

Gatsby | Raylene Harvey
Gatsby | Raylene Harvey

Photo Credit: Ricardo Harvey

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