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Making excuses delays progress

Have you ever been in a situation where you really wanted something, and told yourself “If I had X, then I would be able to do Y”?

For example, if I had a gas stove, I will be able to meal prep and eat healthy. If I had lighting equipment, I would be able to make Youtube videos. If I had a blog, I would be able to write every day. If I had a gym contract, I would be able work out and get fit. If I had a sewing machine, I would be able to make my own clothes, and so on and so forth. At the end of the day, you’re really just making excuses, and what do excuses do? They make you procrastinate, and what happens when you procrastinate? You delay your progress.

Eleven | Raylene Harvey

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A plan executed imperfectly now is better than a plan executed meticulously never.


What if you did eventually get those things you said you needed in order to do that thing you’ve always wanted to do? Are you suddenly going to need something else before you can make anything happen?

Eleven | Raylene Harvey

You just need to start. No matter how imperfect that start may be. Starting is always the hardest, and taking yourself out of your comfort zone is even harder! But if you don’t start, how will you learn, how will you get to experience the process and make progress?

Eleven | Raylene Harvey

If I look at the examples I made above – I didn’t need a gas stove in order to meal prep and eat healthy. Yes, a gas stove would make the process easier and quicker, but it’s not like I couldn’t meal prep at all. I also don’t need lighting equipment to post a Youtube video – I could simply rely on nature and use the sun! Yes, I’m limited to certain times of the day, but isn’t that part of the process? I don’t need a blog in order to write every day. If writing every day is what I want to do, why can’t I just journal privately? And I don’t need a gym contract to be fit, I could simply exercise at home or google free workout videos online. I don’t need a sewing machine to make clothes, I could use fabric glue or hand sew as a start! The list goes on.

Eleven | Raylene Harvey

Sometimes you don’t know what you really need until you give it a go. Why invest in expensive equipment when you’re not even sure if you’re actually going to follow through? What is the harm in simply just starting and making the most of the resources you do have at your disposal?

Eleven | Raylene Harvey

Photo Credit: Ricardo Harvey

If you allow yourself to think out of the box and start being the creative you are, you’ll be surprised at the solutions you would find to your “problems”, or rather or excuses. What’s stopping you from starting now?

Share your thoughts!

If there is something you’ve been putting on hold for a while, share in the comments below what’s stopping you from starting now and let me know how you could creatively nip this excuse in the bud?

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  • So… I just came to lie down on the couch with a snack bar, being lazy AF. I have TONS of things to do, but I decided that I have the ultimate excuse NOT to do any one of it – I’m EXHAUSTED! Hmph. Aren’t we all? Reading this just gave me that get the f off this couch jolt that I needed! Thanks!

    • Hey Angel, I can’t tell you how much that sounds like me a few weeks ago! But since my birthday I’ve been forcing myself to be more disciplined and creating healthy habits, because, well, motivation is BS! Haha, hope you’re well xoxo

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