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Monochrome | Raylene Harvey


I was invited to attend the Feminite Launch at Imperial Bar in Long Street this evening for a stylish girly night out.

I knew I wanted to wear my black crop top with a somewhat loud skater skirt (surprise surprise). Anyhoo, I found this adorable textured white shirt with pockets at Mr Price but it was way too long. Unless I’m attending a fifties party, midi skirts ain’t my thang. So, bless me, I used my sewing skills to shorten and re-hem the skirt and I think it turned out pretty awesome! It’s definitely more me.

Monochrome | Raylene Harvey

Black Crop Top – X&O for YDE // White Skirt – Mr Price (Clothing Revamp) // Clutch – Mr Price // Black Ankle Booties – YDE // Gold Pendant – Mr Price // Gold Earrings – YDE

“Pity I couldn’t get you a before photo of the skirt, hey? Dang it. I would have loved to see which one you preferred… and now you will never know.”

Since I wore monochrome I decided to spice it up with some gold accessories. The overall look is quite feminine and chic, but with a touch of edge! And yes, oh yes. I am wearing my stoopid same booties again. Shame on me! I just love them. I can’t help it. They’re comfy and sexy and they go with everything. My mom will tell you ever since I was a child I would wear my clothes and shoes to death. I had an awesome time at the Feminite event. They had lots of fun stuff going on – Rain spa treatments, a Stila make-up booth, a wine and chocolate bar, a sexy toy (Pure Romance) area, clothes and bags stand (Fab Chic), Sh’zen products and also a fun photo booth with props. There were welcome drinks, finger snacks and a goddess goodie bag filled with vouchers for just about every booth that was setup at the venue. I hung out with Chantal from Channi Chic and her friend, Crystal. I also had a brief chat with Zahrah from The Perry Book and it was also nice bumping into Mariana again. Mariana is the owner of the PR Agency, M&Co Public Relations, that organized the Feminite event. I also finally got to meet the gorgeous Jill Hector, personal stylist and image consultant. I first learned about Jill a few months ago at the Grey Garnet blogger brunch and I’ve been following her online ever since. I admire this woman, seriously! I plan to do a consultation with her soon to find out – officially – what season I am so that I can start to build my wardrobe around the colour palettes that best suit my skin tone. We spoke for quite a while and turns out she lives in my ‘hood! She liked that I sew and tailor my clothes to suit my body. Who knows, there could be a future collab here soon!

Monochrome | Raylene Harvey
Monochrome | Raylene Harvey

Photo Credit: Ricardo Harvey

I also didn’t have my camera with me at the event so I don’t have any pictures to show you #SadPanda. I am full of excuses tonight, but on a lighter note… have you checked out my white nails? I noticed a trend with the white so I got my hands on some Essie nail polish at Clicks. It’s even more expensive than my usual Sally Hansen, but I am quite chuffed with the results. I’m so glad I’m finally embracing my girly side! It feels good. P.S. You guys, have you noticed anything different about my photos? They have no filters on them! Gosh, I feel so naked. Thing is, I lost all my Photoshop Actions and didn’t have the energy to download them again so there you go, some raw piccies for you. I think it looks okay, maybe even better without the filter… hubby says my filters make me look like a vampire so, bless my tan skin. I have a feeling I am going to regret writing this post in the morning. That’s what happens when you blog in the middle of the night… 0:22 to be exact.

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