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You guys, it’s December already! Oh how time flies. This year has been a whirlwind of awesomeness if you ask me. There is so much going on in my life, and so many blessings that have been bestowed upon me, and December is the perfect time to reflect upon that.

Here are some things that happened in 2015 that will be treasured forever, and I’m sure that 2016 is going to be even more awesome! In no particular order, just my brain randomly spewing out things that stood out for me…

Nautical | Raylene Harvey

White Pant – Carla Zara // Striped Tank – Traffic // Nude Booties – Bronx Woman “Tiana”

  • Celebrated my 2nd wedding anniversary with my best friend, Ricardo Harvey
  • My furry child, Sherlock, celebrated his 1st birthday and the daycare had a party for him, with cake and party hats and everything
  • Been on TV twice – Top Billing and Expresso show – even if it was just in the background
  • Won about R5,000 worth of clothes in the #MyStyleByLABEL blogger challenge
  • Won a R50,000 designer collection inspired by the Mother City in the Skip #MyFabulousCPT campaign by Jenevieve Lyons
  • Started a Fashion Q&A (link) series on Scarlet Aura where I got to connect with amazing designers and creatives in the fashion industry
  • Got interviewed twice on Hashtag radio – including the Keegan B Show where I “broke the internet”!
  • Got featured as a #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) 4 times!
  • Got featured twice as Stylista of the Week (and received R1000)
  • Got nominated for Best Fashion Blog and Best Content in the SA Beauty Blog Awards
  • Revamped my blog look and feel (perks of being a developer & designer)
  • Got invited as a VIP to insanely amazing events such as #BokehFFF, SA Menswear Week and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
  • Made a collared and cuffed shirt from scratch just my studying a denim shirt I own
  • Collaborated with amazing bloggers
  • Attended a few sewing classes to perfect my crafting skills
  • Bought an overlocker/serger
  • Reached over 8000 views on my Youtube channel
  • Started painting again
  • Started meditating again
  • Got paid for the first time to write articles and tweet!
  • Got out of my comfort zone at the #BloggersEscapeFromReality event
  • Talked for the first time on my Youtube channel in the 50 Questions tag
  • Finally saw my favourite band ELUVEITIE live in Cape Town!
  • Been featured in SARIE magazine
  • Got an article I wrote published in Real Woman Magazine
  • Attended a blog workshop and finally met the beautiful Aqeelah of Fashion Breed
  • Jumped on the SnapChat (RayleneHarvey) bandwagon and got out of my comfort zone by posting raw, unsolicited vlog content
  • Had celebs recognize me at events for a change!
  • Got my first tattoo (that I cannot wait to finish!) on my 33rd birthday
  • Went on @RushTush’s #BikiniDiet and reached my goal weight, still maintaining it and feeling FABULOUS
  • Kicked ass in my new job as a Senior Web UI Engineer
  • Made awesome new friends – you know who you are and you know I love you
  • Collaborated with amazing brands who raved about the quality of my content on my blog, my photography and my videos
  • Got featured by well-known brands including ALDO, Call It Spring, Women24.com
  • Started a new project which is still a work in progress – DailyInspo.net
  • And many, many, other very personal milestones that I cannot air here

Nautical | Raylene Harvey
Nautical | Raylene Harvey

Photo Credit: Ricardo Harvey

I started a THANK BANK jar – every day I do a mini reflection exercise and drop a little note inside mentioning what I’m grateful for on that day. At the end of 2016 on new Years’ eve I plan to open it and do some major reflection. It’s always good to do that because it truly gives you perspective to see how far you’ve come based on where you started. It’s kinda like writing a letter to your future self… something I actually used to do as a child!

“Have you taken the time to reflect yet? If so, what stood out for you in 2015? Let me know in the comments below.”

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