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Shift | Raylene Harvey

So I made this grey shift dress. It’s the first time I attempted to make sleeves and I think it turned out pretty sweet! Originally I had a longer hemline and I felt hideous and frumpy in it, so I shortened it.

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Tartan | Raylene Harvey


I have always been a sucker for tartan – especially red tartan – and when I spotted this cute skater dress at Edgars I knew I simply had to get my hands on it!

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Maximum Exposure | Raylene Harvey

I love maxi skirts, but I’m always scared to wear any because I feel so frumpy in them. So I’m not really sure why I bought this one from JayJays. The original skirt didn’t have slit – I decided to use my sewing skills to change it up by adding a slit on the side. I feel weird when I’m not showing at least some leg, so this was the best solution, and I think it turned out pretty awesome.

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Burgandy Babe | Raylene Harvey

I have a personal mantra… “Fake it till you make it!” and that’s exactly what I need to remind myself of whenever I do these look posts – especially when it’s in a public place. One of the main reasons I started this style blog is to force myself out of my comfort zone and to explore my creative side… to put myself out there in order to grow as a person and to become EMPOWERED.

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