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Preppy Chic | Raylene Harvey

Preppy Chic

I can feel winter creeping up on us – it’s getting colder as each day passes by, the sun is rising later, and setting earlier. I noticed it more than ever last night when we went location scouting so we could shoot this look post!

It’s insane how a few minutes can make all the difference in the lighting of your photos. We took these ones just before 6pm, at golden hour, or rather, twilight. Even though we had to adjust quite a few settings on the camera, I think the photos turned out pretty awesome!

Preppy Chic | Raylene Harvey

Top – LABEL Collections // Skirt & Scarf – Made By Me // Boots – Luella // Satchel – YOURS

“With that said, can you believe we’re in the middle of May already? Where on earth has the time gone? I say this every year, and each time I still feel flabbergasted, but time seems to be flying by faster and faster the older I get. I wish it would just slow down a little.”

I’m rocking this gorgeous and effortless white cotton top with design detail on the front from LABEL Collections. I love how it exudes a preppy chic vibe and simply couldn’t resist styling it in a totally preppy vibe. I paired the top with this brown faux suede half circle skirt that I made last year, and only hemmed it this year! So delayed, I know, but do let me know in the comments below if you’d like me to do a DIY tutorial on this skirt on my Youtube channel? The great thing about a half circle skirt, unlike a full circle skirt, is that when the wind blows, you have more control over holding it down so nobody sees your undergarments! I also couldn’t resist pairing this gorgeous LABEL top and my skirt with my black skinny scarf that I also made – I have a DIY tutorial on it here – as well as my every day YOURS leather satchel, and of course, my new faux suede thigh high boots from Luella. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to rock these babies because the weather just isn’t cold enough, but since I’m rocking them bare-legged as I’m doing here, naturally, it makes good sense.

Preppy Chic | Raylene Harvey
Preppy Chic | Raylene Harvey

Photo Credit: Ricardo Harvey

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