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Space | Raylene Harvey

When life gets too much, all you can really do is slow down and embrace the moment you are in.

There’s no point in wallowing in the past, because you’re not there anymore. There’s also no point in concerning yourself with the future, because you’re not there yet either. You are here now, in this very moment – the only space where you are in full control. It’s taken me decades to realize this, but thankfully I’m still young enough to enjoy it. Gone are the days where I put myself in situations that I don’t enjoy or surround myself with people who are toxic or do things that I really don’t want to do. It’s simply not worth it. I have come to enjoy my space and doing the things that make me happy… like creating!

Space | Raylene Harvey

Peplum Top – Made By Me // Denims – ZARA // Bag – Cotton On // Booties – Steve Madden

This is the first time I worked with linen. Apart from the fact that linen wrinkles easily, I really enjoy working with it and am keen to try out some more pieces in this fabric.

Space | Raylene Harvey
Space | Raylene Harvey
Space | Raylene Harvey
Space | Raylene Harvey

I experimented with some more advanced sewing techniques in this piece – interfacing, lining in the front, a zipper and lots of darts. Non-stretchy fabric can be really tricky to work with so I’m pretty chuffed that my top ended up fitting me like a glove! I’m planning on tackling another challenging sewing project this month – I’m going to make a bomber jacket! I’ve started gathering my supplies. I need to make a pattern soon and then do a calico sample for fit, because the fabric I’m going to use was pretty pricey… the most expensive I ever bought so far on my sewing journey at R250 a meter! So I had better not mess this one up.

Anyhoo, let me sign off before I start rambling too much.

Photo Credit: Ricardo Harvey

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  • Totally agree with you! I’m making a point of forcing myself to stop overthinking all the time and planning out the future 5 years ahead… and to just EMBRACE the now. Because, we never ever get that moment back. I love daydreaming, but sometimes, as I’ve finally learned, it’s not always a good thing. Balance. And spaces, yes!!! Love this post and your gorgeous top! 🙂 x

    • Thanks, Melanie! That’s exactly it – BALANCE. I feel like most of my life has been about the search for finding balance. We need just the right amount of balance that keeps us feeling content and in the moment, but at the same time, not stagnate. Yes, we need to constantly be moving forward in order to feel like our life is going somewhere, but it’s also okay to stop and smell the roses, as cheesy as that may sound. Thanks for stopping by xoxo

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