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Tank Girl | Raylene Harvey

Tank Girl

It’s been a while since I sported a good ol’ tank top, and they’re pretty easy to make. I decided to challenge myself by creating a split back, or what is also known as a kite back, tank top.

I quite like how it turned out, especially because it looks like a typical tank top from the front, but then I turn around and BOOM! it’s something different from the back – perfect for a summer night out.

Tank Girl | Raylene Harvey

Kite Back Tank – Made By Me // Black Skinnies with DIY Ripped Knee – Jay Jays // Lace-up Heels – Aldo // Red Bag – Blackcherry // Sunglasses – MRP

“I tend to lean towards doing things that require both creative and analytical thinking.”

For instance, my career – I am a Web UI Engineer, someone that takes the pretty flat web design layouts and brings them to life by coding the structure and programming all the interactive elements – the interface that allows you, the user, to be able to navigate a website or mobile application in the best way possible. In the same way, with designing and making clothes comes a lot of calculation – in the form of making patterns that rely on good ol’ Mathematics – especially Geometry, and I absolutely love it. I have also always loved drawing, and it was only until recently that I started sketching again and guess what… there is a formula behind drawing too! I believe there is a science behind everything in life, and I always want to be the person who gets to experience both – the creative and the analytical side.

Tank Girl | Raylene Harvey
Tank Girl | Raylene Harvey
Tank Girl | Raylene Harvey

Photo Credit: Ricardo Harvey

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